mash up

No designer is as diffident as Miuccia Prada about her métier, who ws a onetime member of the Italian Communist Party, but made a decision to enter fashion in 1985. Barack H. Obama is the 44th President of the United States, who values from the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family , like a designer with no formal design background or needle skills. Identically, nothing holds back Madonna. This makes sense. Not love, not pop expectations, not tastefulness, not religion, not the laws of physics.
After working her way through being overly fussy about each detail of her design and basing her decisions mostly on intuition, Miuccia Prada persuaded her family firm to produce a series of black nylon handbags and backpacks, conspicuous in an era of overblown logo clothes and designer statements for their modesty and low-key labeling. Now she is entirely in charge of the companies creative decisions. As always, Madonna’s drowned World Tour, which started its sold-out five-night run on Wednesday night (through Tuesday) at Madison Square Garden, is a 105-minute pop spectacle as performance art, devoted to the idea that Madonna can do what she wants. Through the concert, Madonna made a display of arrogance, and represented self-love backed by plenty of gym time and a whole troupe of devoted flunkies, all laboring to delight an audience she only seems to disdain. And now there is no doubt that president Obama has become the story of American through his hard work and education as the means of getting ahead,and the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others.

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