This is a tragic photo which tell a young women dying on the road to Brisbane. The photo is in black and white to express the darkside of the society at that time. The narrative style of the photos is the most feature in the Moffat’s art work. This photo had influenced the entire society for showing the unfair and unpeaceful reality. Along the rugged road towards to Brisbane, a dead woman was lying the middle of the photo with a beat-up luggage. The sign which is Brisbane 300 indicates that how far away the Brisbane city is. I guess that the direction orientating to Brisbane standing for a hope to this desperate woman, and even she was so closed to the target , but the real truth was cold like rock and break this woman’s hope. The photo does not focus on the expressions on the face but project the whole body. The most interesting part of her body must be legs and right hand with five open fingures. The posture showed up how hard and struggling the woman was before dying.
I am not concerned with verisimiltude....I am not concerned with capturing reality, I'm concerned with creating it myself.
- Tracey Moffatt